The songs and music of the James Bond films have been a vital part of the success of the James Bond movie franchise.  Over the last 50 years they have been performed by some of the greatest artists of the modern era. The songs continue to set the benchmark for excellence, with this year Adele winning a Grammy for the theme tune to the highly successful Sky Fall.

The Songs of James Bond brought together some of Australia’s most accomplished, individual and respected singers to perform these unforgettable songs. Rather than presenting covers of these timeless classics, we took a more contemporary edge to suit the songs to each performer, whilst staying true to the iconic James Bond sound.

Maria Mercedes and Susie Ahern, two of Australia’s most respected singers, have a wealth of experience between them and have sung with the whose who of the Australian music scene.

Ben Mingay and Kiyomi Vella represented the new breed of Australian singers with limitless talent who have already established their own style and sound.

Designed specifically for the concert, visual artist Georgie Pinn provided a visual backdrop of images and footage inspired by the James Bond Films.

The Spectre Orchestra, a fourteen piece ensemble made up of some of Melbourne’s most in demand musicians brought a fresh new contemporary sound to these classic songs.

Together the sight and sound of The Songs Of James Bond featured twenty two songs from the James Bond films in a two hour concert that will appeal to music lovers of all ages and every fan of the phenomena which is James Bond.

Performed at:

  • 2013 – Melbourne Athenaeum Theatre